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Nightingales is recruiting!

by Elpith, 7 days ago

Nightingales, is a recently formed  guild on Kazzak, with semi-hardcore prospects in regards to raiding! We were founded on the 10th of September, 2016, by a group of ex-retired officers who simply wanted to begin the new expansion united, in the same guild. Currently, we are rather few, but we have been experienced raiders, in ranking-competitive raiding environments, as well as few of us also have excellent raid-leading experience. 

In Legion, we are aiming to start clearing the content with high expectations, although we do realise that due to the guild's late formation, the first tier may not be cleared competitively, since we may be low in numbers. We plan to establish a stable raiding group and develop enough to progress in mythic difficulty as soon as possible! 

Despite being a less than a month old guild, comprised by new members, we have already cleared 7/7N and 7/7 HC. Launch week's progression: 7/7N -2/7 HC.


We are currently recruiting all roles and classes to expand our team, in order to fill in the numbers needed for a mythic group. Ideally looking for:

Tank: -Closed

Ranged Dps: Mage/Warlock(High)/Balance(High)/Shadow Priest(High)/Hunter

Mellee Dps: Warrior/Dk/Monk(Highx3)

Healers: Resto Shammy (Low)

Please, keep in mind that all exceptional players, with relevant background experience, will be taken under consideration!


Our raiding days and time: Wed/day/Thursday/Sunday- 8 to 11pm server time!

Please make sure to read our guild rules before applying! You will also be asked to confirm this in your application!

 Guild Rules Link:


A few extra details about our goals:

We have extraordinary knowledge of our classes/roles, since a few have been playing since Vanilla, many have achieved great realm and world rankings and we seek to re-experience those feats. That being said, we are hoping to recruit good,reliableplayers so that our raiding group will be able to correspond to our expectations!

We plan to establish a guild which invests in its players, whether they are new or returning ones, in a way which will benefit not only our progress, but also the guild's social and progressive atmosphere! If you are seeking 'safety' and a place to call 'home', we can be the place for you:)

We are aiming to recruit experienced and accomplished raiders in order to make a good start, as well as ex-retired raiders who can make a great addition to our guild and get us to fulfil our primary purpose: gun-down gnomes in the streets of Dalaran. No, nevermind that, we actually do like gnomes *cough*, all we just want to achieve is clear the mythic content, and have FUN *Smirks*

Once our raiding group is established and we are able to perform to the maximum of our capabilities as a team, we will aim both for some competitive-satisfactory clears accompanied with a great dose of the fun element.

Please, keep in mind that this is a semi-hardcore guild, consequently aiming to raid in a relaxed environment, while also maintaining maximum output performances.



On a last note, to address some well-placed concerns:

Why the hell are these guys recruiting this late? How and why should i trust them? Why waste time and energy (as well as money, if you are transferring) joining a new guild, which may not deliver to its promises?

If we were  in your place, we would be asking the same exact questions, especially if you are a player who is well aware of his/her capabilities and knows his/her worth. 

If you are the kind of player who LOVES the work put into achieving a goal, no matter the difficulty, and takes pride not only on the result of his hard work but also on the process, you are more than welcome to join us. We are hard workers who simply want to get back in the game and achieve 3 things, and as a result, we require resilient, capable players to join us:

a) Kill, slaughter, dominate (If that's too bloodthirsty for you, begone)

b) Have fun. (No gnomes' tortures allowed on guild grounds)

c) Achieve

 The message we wish to pass along is, do not get disheartened because this is a new guild, because the players are not ;)

-Take care

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